Solitaire for Windows 8

Play the classic card game on Windows 8 desktops

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Solitaire for Windows 8 espouses the appeal of this traditional card game.

Solitaire is one of the most popular card games in existence. As it has been available in Windows packages for some time, it only stands to reason that solitaire is offered for the Windows 8 operating system. One notable hallmark of this version is that it provides the player with everything he or she needs and nothing superfluous. This is the primary reason why the platform has been given the label as "classic". However, one of the biggest frustrations for die-hard fans is that solitaire is not immediately available for Windows 8. It will instead need to be accessed from the Xbox games window located in the start menu. From here, the user will be prompted to install the game onto the computer. Notwithstanding this slight "hiccup" in terms of accessibility, what are some of the benefits and drawbacks of this latest version?

A Tried-and-Tested Appeal

One aspect which has always allowed solitaire for Windows to be a popular game is that it represents a "no-frills" form of gaming. The layout is quite clear and many feel that the classic appeal is even somewhat nostalgic of older Windows versions. As there is no need for flashy graphics, the developers at Klondike have instead chosen to embrace the immortal. The card layouts are the same as is the well-known green felt table. However, it should be noted that colours can be changed and different decks are also able to be modified depending upon one's visual tastes.

Simple Sound Effects

The familiar shuffling sound as the cards are being dealt is once again present as are the effects when one completes a full suite. While there are little surprises here, these simply serve to reinforce the point that unlike some developers, Klondike was well aware that a good thing should never be modified.

Game Features

These are likewise the same as older versions of Windows solitaire. The player has the ability to choose between a one-card and a three-card mode (depending upon unique preferences). Standard scoring is available as is the popular Las Vegas variant. A quick double tap of the mouse will move a valid card over the ace while the ability to jump "victory cards" is possible. There are no hidden tricks and if anything, the functionality is just as impressive as it was on earlier versions. One point to note here is that the card movements on full-screen mode are slightly more streamlined. This can add to the realism of game play.

System Requirements

As may be guessed, solitaire is equipped to be played on Windows 8. It is also compatible with tablets and ARM CPUs.

Benefits and Drawbacks

To summarise, let us briefly list some of the main advantages and disadvantages of solitaire for Windows 8.


  • A classic sense of game play that has come to define the Klondike version
  • Highly functional and user-friendly
  • The game may bring a slight sense of nostalgia
  • Easily downloaded onto Windows 8 operating systems


  • May be boring for those who prefer more action-packed platforms
  • Solitaire is not available directly through the start menu. It must be downloaded and installed via the Xbox widget
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